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of historic magnitude. >> president obama, fema and the homeland security department are coordinating with states across the us as they brace for impact in chicago, that means up to possibly 2 feet of wind-whipped snow. >> the likes of which we have not seen in decades. >> reporter: a third of the country is grappling with elements, oklahoma, kansas and missouri are already getting pounded tonight. in st. louis, officials are preparing for power outages. >> it could cause problems over the next two or three days, because that ice is not going to leave. >> reporter: kansas city, missouri, has closed its airport. the two airports in chicago, mid way and o'hare are both technically open but planes aren't going anywhere. some 10,000 flights between today and tomorrow have been canceled. air traffic for the rest of the week will be a mess, and this storm is long from over anyway. >> this means very large amount of snow falling very quickly, and extremely strong winds especially near the lake front. >> reporter: the pain from this storm expected to be substantial but brief, as the storm int
win on the hill today for some gop freshmen and president obama. the house voted to cancel a controversial program to build an alternative engine for the pentagon's next generation warplane. the $450 million program for the f-35 engine is the costliest weapons program in u.s. history. house speaker john boehner and many gop leaders supported the program. president obama, president george w. bush and pentagon brass tried for years to scrap it. >> we considered it an unnecessary and extravagant expense particularly during a period of fiscal contraction. the president, the military services and i continue to oppose this extra engine and when the current cr expires i will look at all available legal options to close down this program. >> supporters in the senate will now try to save the f-35 engine. >>> the list of washington's most wasteful agencies is out. the government's office of accountability takes aim at federal mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. fox's molly hannenberg looks at this year's offenses. >> reporter: it's not an honor to make this list. >> because it means t
battle began today. president obama sent his $3.73 trillion spending plan to congress. the president said it contains $1.1 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade through tax increases and spending cuts. republicans are slamming the budget plan saying so-called investments in the future is code for more spending. >> education is an investment that we need to win the future just like innovation is an investment that we need to win the future, just like infrastructure is an investment that we need to win the future. and to make sure that we can afford these investments we'll have to get serious about cutting back on those things that would be nice to have but we can do without. >> republicans plan to offer their own spending proposal for 2012. >>> the president's proposal includes a $100 million increase in the smithsonian institute's budget. not extra cash would be used to build a new black history museum on the national mall. other facilities would see small cuts. congress has pledged to provide half of the museum's $500 million cost. >>> remember shirley sherrod the ag departmen
them after these protests in tehran turned deadly. president obama is calling on governments in the mid-east to avoid violent crack downs of pro democracy supporters. >> we think it's very important that in all the protests that we're seeing throughout the region, that governments respond to peaceful protesters peacefully. >> president obama is also praising egypt's military council for its move to hold democratic elections and return control to civilians. the military is working on a quick transition, hoping to have an elected president within six months. >>> the news edge on maryland now, a young charles county school teacher gunned down at a busy intersection this afternoon. tonight, we've learned the victim was ambushed by his killer, who then turned the gun on himself. fox 5's bob barnard has more from waldorf. >> reporter: it's going to be a rough day tomorrow for students and staff here at north point high school. they're learning tonight that one of their teachers was shot dead this afternoon just a few miles south of here. some kind of dispute with his next-door neighbor. it wa
a short time ago. >> i also want to thank that i've just talked to president obama. [ cheering and applause ] >> who sends you his love and affection for his hometown. [ cheering and applause ] >>' manuel gave up his job at the -- emanuel gave up his job at the white house in october to run for mayor. >>> note to self, if you're going to commit a crime, don't put it on facebook. laura evans tonight everywhere at 11:00. >> rodney king jr. pled guilty today to burglary and weapons charges after police say he broke into a home in northwest d.c. well, court documents show knight stole computers, a coat and cash and then posted these pictures on the victim's facebook page. the picture was of knight wearing the stolen coat showing off the stolen money. knight is scheduled to be sentenced in may. >>> a nursing strike at d.c.'s largest hospital could be just days away. registered nurses at washington hospital center announced plans for a one-day walkout next friday after negotiations with the hospital broke down today. at issue? patient safety concerns, pay cuts and benefits. president
and that's when the clashes with pro-mubarak supporters began. president obama trying both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to encourage a peaceful swift change of power. at the white house today during the brief briefing that message continued. >> the time for a transition has come and that time is now. the egyptian people need to see change. we know that that meaningful transition must include opposition voices. >> my producer telling me to go back to this live video. i'm going to walk closer to monitor. it looks like and i just saw one hit the ground there molotov cocktails. so clearly the clashing continues between pro mubarak supporters and those who want him gone, not in september when his fifth term ends. they want him gone now, brian. >> will thomas, tonight. it's still a developing story this evening. we are staying on top of it for you. any new developments ought of tahrir square, we'll be sure to bring -- out of tahrir square we'll be sure to bring them along. we heard in the last 15 to 20 minutes gunfire has erupted in the square. >>> meantime a former egypti
not linked to terror groups. president obama is expected to sign it into law. >>> an update on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. friends say she's able to laugh at jokes and when asked how she was doing, she answered better. her husband, astronaut mark kelly, is hoping she's well enough to attend the shuttle launch he's involved in in april. >>> crime in the waters of the chesapeake bay. up next the latest round of approaching evidence that just turned up. >>> also ahead losing your hair might be the least of your worries, the deadly disease that may be connected to baldness. >>> plus a few of the other stories we're working on here on the news edge. that's a bit of our rundown. weaver back in 60 seconds. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> more evidence of poaching in the chesapeake bay. maryland natural resources police say they confiscated 1,500 yards of illegal fishing net near kent island last night. those nets contained 300 more pound of rockfish. it's the eighth seizure in the past three weeks. these are picks from one of the earlier discoveries. overall
tonight. a massive crowd of protesters assembled for a new rally in cairo central square. president obama called for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down immediately. the white house believes that move would al how egypt to regain stability. -- allow egypt to regain stability. mubarak refused to step down until september. >>> the massive protests sparking another demonstration here in d.c. a large group gathered in front of the white house this afternoon wanting the u.s. government to take more action. fox 5's tisha thompson was there. >> democracy! democracy! let us live in liberty! >> reporter: 19-year-old american university student maria aziz led the chant. we met this egyptian citizen one week ago when she prompted she would not stop protesting for her homeland until the violence ended day gets worse, so we can't stop talking. >> reporter: like aziz many protesters have been coming to the white house every day. >> what do we want? >> democracy! >> reporter: the crowd is now starting to grow as american citizens like 76-year-old jim nunan joined in for the first time. >> nuna
. the new york times reports the obama administration is right now in talks with top egyptian leaders about having president hosni mubarak immediately resign, then replace him with an interim government. that would pave the way for elections later this year. earlier told the protests in cairo turned more violent as pro and anti-mubarak forces clashed. foreign journalists were caught in the middle, some beaten, others detained. some accused the mubarak regime of inciting this violence. >> i have apologized in all the media, all television stations which i spoke to today. i've apologized as a man who is aware of his responsibility. i didn't know about the matter. none of us did. i could not have imagined that this would happen. >> the opposition promising a bigger protest tomorrow. they've called on supporters to fill every square in cairo in an effort to topple the mubarak regime. >>> watching events in egypt with a careful eye and a great deal of concern tonight is an american university student from egypt. fox 5's bob barnard spoke with her tonight and joins us now. >> the teenager you're
in this country, we're just adding to them. >> reporter: one other note on this, president obama has the power to keep essential government operations safe from the shutdown. those include things like the military, coastguard, foreign relations staff, border patrol and other national security officials. by the way, the mail gets delivered but don't expect a check from the government. >>> pacman, super mario brothers, call of duty, all popular video games over the years, but do they deserve to be featured in a smithsonian museum? you get to decide, the details on how to vote up next. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> i don't have to [ bleep ]. it's a public [ bleep ]. >> family and friends of a murder victim turned on a california reporter and photographer yesterday. the tv crew was trying to cover a vigil at the murder scene in sacramento when they were attacked. the crowd pushed the photographer to the ground, kicked her in the face. the reporter was quickly surrounded by the angry crowd as well. eventually they left and were not seriously hurt. police are now
not be smooth. president obama weighed in on what he said is a monumental moment in history. as he put it today, egypt will never be the same. >> it was the moral force of nonviolence, not terrorism, not mindless killing, but nonviolence, moral force that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: some experts say this could be just the beginning of a mideast transformation. >> the domino's in the middle east are falling. the question is do they fall for or against us? i think this is the equivalent of the berlin wall coming down. >> reporter: egypt tonight remains a key u.s. ally in the middle east receiving about $1.5 billion in u.s. military and economic assistance every year. officials say the changes in egypt are not expected to change that. >>> a big celebration has been taking place tonight outside the egyptian embassy in the district. dozens of people are marking this historic event. some of the demonstrators were chanting long live egypt, many saying they've waited years for this day and even people not egyptian turned out for the celebration. >> i'm half irish, hal
from president obama. however, the white house is not pushing for the immediate resignation of president hosni mubarak saying the change could be too sudden. meanwhile a u.s.-based human rights group says nearly 300 people have died in two weeks of clashes this. >>> the son of a vegas judge in -- there. >>> the son of a vegas judge in court there after a daring sin city heist facing felony armed burglary charges. he robbed the bellagio taking 1 1/2 million dollars in casino chips. >>> carmageddon, power outages, downed trees, what could been done differently. city leaders are tackling the tough question coming up next. >>> plus check out some of the other stories on our rundown. it's monday night. you're here. we're here. hang tight. we're back in just a minute. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> pepco under fire yet again for those outages last month. earlier today members of the montgomery county council took the utility to task telling pepco their constituents are fed up with the lack of reliability. some even suggested the county should du
days when he is the very man responsible for these deaths and injuries. >> president obama criticized the developments in egypt and urged egyptian leaders to act more decisively saying egyptian people are not convinced their government is serious about transitioning to democracy. >>> back to the district, pepco again getting pounded by the public, but customers are not just mad about losing their power for days. what they say was even more frustrating and how the power company is responding. >>> but first a look at our rundown. be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> the hits keep on coming. pepco took another hit today. city regulators took pepco to task. fox 5's sherri ly with the news edge on that. >> reporter: the snow is melting, but on newton street northeast the outrage over power outages is still frozen in their minds. >> when i need to use the bathroom. >> reporter: corps ryan lynne newman lost power in the height of the -- corine newman lost power in the height of the snowstorm and got it back two days later. pepco said most of the c
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